Kennel Westie Voivodina


Kennel westie Voivodina


A family, a house and a dog, for the Herghelegiu family we believe represents the complete circle of fulfillment in this passing life. For us, Westie has become a passion and a way of life. The little westies are our family, they go with us everywhere, of course, and on vacation.

We want to perform, to have healthy, beautiful dogs and that is why we deal exclusively with the growth and promotion of this wonderful breed – westie –


Westie dogs - origin and pedigree

Our dogs come from world-renowned kennels, with tradition and exceptional results. The bloodlines are for the first time in Romania, namely ALBORADA (Spain) and The Dashing Devil’s (Netherlands), some of the largest and most prestigious kennels in the world.

The parents of our puppies are strictly chosen, with an impeccable health and appearance but also a westie temperament.

Bringing a friend into the family for the next 15 years or so is a responsible thing, which should make you think twice before buying a puppy from anywhere and anyway – for example pets, samsarii, various kennels that dozens of dog breeds are growing and cannot provide the security of a mentally healthy and stable specimen. Many confuse the health card and the passport with the pedigree, which proves the genetic line of the dog.

The pedigree is the only act that guarantees the quality and safety that the dog is purebred. A dog without a pedigree cannot be purebred, it only has breed-like characteristics. You can avoid buying a dog without pedigree (metis) or with false pedigree, by calling the territorial kennel associations to inquire and ask for details. It is easy to be fooled and deceived, so we recommend that you inform yourself well before deciding.

Westie puppy features

Westie – is a cheerful dog, very beautiful but at the same time very affectionate, but we must not forget that it is a terrier. Under his unmistakable haircut and grace, he is a real terrier, brave and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs (especially males), that’s why I ask for a strong and responsible owner. Even the smallest Westie will know how to protect his family from potential intruders and will be happy when he is trusted. He establishes a hierarchy in the “human pack” and his position will certainly be superior.


Westie is therefore a family dog, but provided he is properly trained. From the first days they need to know the rules of the pack, they need to be corrected firmly and coherently otherwise they will turn into little “sentimental crooks”. Due to the fact that they have not been raised as hunting dogs for a long time (like most terriers) they get along well with other pets.


Eating is not a problem, there are countless dishes on the market. An adult westie eats twice a day, among others: fish, turkey, chicken, yogurt, olive oil, rice and vegetable additives as well as dry food, especially lamb with rice. The care is relatively difficult, because the beauty of this breed is given by the grooming, but at this moment it is not difficult to find a groomer for the little westie. Never cut with a hair clipper, westie is sent to have healthy hair and skin. We can help you with the time available with this grooming service.


It is a dog that adapts perfectly to city life, but also to the country, the condition being to walk it 2-3 times a day for half an hour.


Although it is not an aggressive dog, it will be on alert all the time to defend the door or gate.

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