Name: Westie puppies Litter O en
Birth Date: 16/08/2023
Puppy count: 4 male and 3 female
Available : one female
Father: RoCh, RoJCH White Villan Night Hunter
Mother: RoCh Dansul Ielelor de Voivodina
Nume: Westie puppies Litter O en
Data Nasterii: 16/08/2023
Numarul Pui: 4 male and 3 female
Pui Disponibil: one female
Tata: RoCh, RoJCH White Villan Night Hunter
Mama: RoCh Dansul Ielelor de Voivodina

Buying Guide

At the moment there are a lot of offers for the purchase of a westie chicken. After the many contacts I had with people looking for a westie for sale, I found bad information, a low level of knowledge of this breed and I noticed the need to make some clarifications.

So in this article we try to give you an overview of the possibilities of buying a westie chicken.

A westie terrier can be purchased from the following sources:


1.Internet Ads .- Westie for sale – You will find ads for so-called “kennels”, which are illegally used by this title because they are not registered with the International Kennel Federation (the only forum that accredits kennels and kennel names). or rather breeders, people who raise dozens of breeds on farms, in miserable conditions, in unhealthy cages, dogs without care and love, dogs always mated at random. There are those who offer you optional pedigree at very high prices just to give up (but of course they will never give it). Most of the pictures with westie presented on the internet are stolen from kennels abroad. All these LLCs can bring you any breed to order, they are in contact with the big dog farms, especially in Hungary and Rep. Moldova and of course will bring the westie chick to the door (home delivery). Avoid buying a westie terrier to order or from pet shops. You will not have a pure westie and the chances of coming ill are enormous. Your money will only fuel a painful underground market for puppies.


2. From amateurs. – westie ad for sale-.People who breed this breed and can not offer pedigree because the parents of the chicks do not have this act and of course canine value. You can find a pedigree westie terrier without a pedigree that looks wonderful, small and white at 2 months, but when you mature you will find that it no longer has the look you wanted (only a white puppy remains). Here you can find low prices, a price that has nothing to do with the typicality or value of the copies. Objectively, the chances of hitting a valuable dog (ie a Westie specimen without major defects in the breed standard) and pure (without infusion from other breeds eg bischon) are very small to zero. In any case, the mountain is not thought out, it is not a question of creating a homogeneous line or obtaining certain characters, but simply removing the westie terrier chickens to be capitalized quickly at 6 to 7 weeks. Not to mention safety on you need to know that the chicken is vaccinated. Only one vaccine costs 70 RON.


3.From kennels that have a lot of nests in a year. These kennels offer purebred westie terriers. You can find at this canisewestie with pedigree from parents without the right to mount or who have participated in 2 exhibitions in order to be able to release this right. When we enter the Westie race, the discussion no longer focuses only on the purity of the specimens, but on their canine value and the lines from which they come. Our opinion is that from this source are all the chances to buy a pure westie, but of average value. On top of that, the price of a westie chicken is not low at all. One conclusion is that not only the pedigree is important, but especially the bloodline. An adult of poor quality (poor pigmentation, soft or fluffy fur, defective teeth, too big or too small, crooked legs in X or O, long snout, long body, skin sensitivity, etc.) will never be able to make quality puppies. superior, as standard. If you want an unpretentious westie puppy, you may want to consider this option.


4.From responsible kennels, inclined to the quality of the specimens and not to the quantity. The process of selecting specimens and the process of thinking of the mounts is much stricter and involves a much higher effort. For example, finding a good male that e.g. we consider it good for a certain dog, it can provide us with a trip at a distance of 4000km in 4-5 days and of course expenses accordingly. In such kennels the mountains are carefully selected, the western females have only a few nests during their lifetime and of course health tests. The price of a Westie chick at a responsible kennel varies depending on the quality of each specimen because not all puppies will be perfectly standard. And here may appear poorer quality puppies with small deviations from the standard (eg poorly inserted ears or tail, lack of angles, non-lowering of a testicle in the scrotum, etc.), they will be sold as pet westie dogs. If you think you will have a friend for the next 10-15 years, paying a slightly higher price than a pet shop, for example, may be a wise choice. You can buy a cheap westie puppy, but it will cost you a few times more expensive than a healthy westie dog, but a little more expensive from a responsible westie kennel.

By no means do we want to convey that we recommend for the mother to be inactive.

You want to have a westie dog, but you can’t afford it or you don’t want to spend who knows what, take a westie puppy from an amateur. Any dog, even a stray can be a loyal friend and a reliable companion, especially a westie dog taken from someone who grows up for sale.


You want to buy a pure westie, have a nice dog in the house and be sure that it is purebred and of course healthy, buy from a registered kennel ACHR and FCI (Asociatia Chinologica).


If you want a special genetic and phenotypic westie, a show westie or if you are just a big fan of this breed, then go for kennels that work for quality and a line that you like. It is very important to be patient, to wait for the much desired baby as you are expecting a baby and a new family member. Don’t rush and don’t buy at first glance. You can make an irreparable mistake.


Whatever category of westie lovers you belong to, never do the following because they are absurd and often offensive to the breeder:

-do not go to the so-called “kennels”, breeders, petshops or amateurs to claim that for 200-300 euros to give you a westiecare to look like in pictures or movies with Caesar puppies.

-do not come to us or to another kennel with the pretense of having the same price as a newspaper ad, internet, westie ads, etc.


We respect and love these westie dogs very much, we promote them in shows and we make sure the quality of each specimen, and this kennel model is not the best, from a financial point of view, as a profit, so if we put our soul into growing this races and we try to have better and better results, we expect the same seriousness from westie lovers.


Let each one buy the desired westie dog, for the desired purpose, of the desired value, from the desired westie breeder, but no matter where you do it, respect his work and effort.

Good thoughts to all lovers of this wonderful breed: WESTIE