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Pozitia Asociatiei Chinologice Romane fata de crescatorii comerciali de caini

Canisa westie Voivodina


A family , a house and a dog for Hergelegiu Family , We belive he reprezent complity circle of celebrating in this transient life.For us,westie became a passion and a lifestyle . A little westie is our family , go with us throughout course on holiday.

We want to make performance , to have healthy dogs , beautiful and therefore we deal exclusively the growth and promotion this wonderful breed-westie .

Westie dogs - pedigree

Our dogs come from a kennel known around the world , with tradition and exceptional results . Blood lines are for the first time in Romania , namely Alborada ( Spain ) and The Dashing Devil's (Holand) ,some of the largest and most prestigious kannels of worldwide.

Our pups parents ditch elected strictly , with good health and impeccable appearance , but also a temperament of the westie

Bringing family a frend for the next approximately fifteen years is a responsible thing,what you should do think twice before buying from anywere and anyhow a young dog - for example pet - shops,pet-dealers , various kennels growing dozens of breeds of dogs and can not provide certainly a healthy specimen and mentally stable. Many confusing health card and passaport with PEDIGREE, which proves the dogs genetic line.


Pedigree-ul este singurul act care garanteaza calitatea si siguranta ca acel caine este de rasa. Un caine fara pedigree nu poate fi de rasa, el doar are caracteristici asemanatoare rasei. Puteti evita achizitionarea unui caine fara pedigree (metis) sau cu pedigree fals, sunand la Asociatiile Chinologice teritoariale pentru a va interesa si a cere detalii. Este usor sa fiti mintiti si pacaliti, de aceea va recomandam sa va informati bine inainte de a decide.

Characteristics Westie Dogs

Westie caracteristici

Westie - is a cheerful dog , very nice but at the same time very affectionate,but we must not forget that he is a terrier.Under haircut and unmistakable grace , he is a real terrier , brave and sometimes , aggresive towards other dogs ( especially males ) , therefore require a strong and a responsible owner.

Even the smallest westie , will know to defend family,of potential intruders and will be happy when will be given confidence . It establishes a hierarchy in the " human pack " and certainly his position will be a superior therefore westie is a family dog , but provided they are educated coresponding . From to the first day's , must know pack rules,correcion are strongly and coherent , otherwise it will turn into a small " sentimental swindlers " . As hunting dogs ( like most terrier's ) , get allong well with other pets.

Eating possibilities,ditch not a problem , market is finding many dishes.An adult westie eats two times a day,among others:fish,turkey, yogurt , olive oil , rice and added vegetables and dry food , especially lamb with rice . Care is relatively difficult,for the beauty of this breed is on grooming , but at this moment is not hard to find a groomer , for a little westie . Never trimm whith a machine,westie it stripping , to have a healthy skin and hair . We can help able time available , with this grooming service.

Is a dog which perfectly fits , to the life city , but also to the country,being provided to walk you 2-3 time per day , for half and hour.

Altough not an aggressive dog , will be on alert all the time to defend the door or gate.


Voivodina westie Kennel

Fam. Herghelegiu

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